Continued Dedication to Providing Engine Solutions Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jun 25, 2020, 12:06 PM by Kalyn Kvapil

A Message from Mark Stubbs, Chief Commercial Officer

Over 100 days ago our President and COO Hugh McElroy communicated our commitment to health, safety and business continuity during this unprecedented time in the world. Today we continue to do our part in the battle against the coronavirus by following our Pandemic Response Plan by adhering to international health and safety protocols to protect both our employees and our customers from further spread of the virus.

To our valued customers, we want you to know that Global Engine Services aims to fulfill our mission to provide maintenance solutions and perform the necessary, preventative engine MRO services that help ensure safe flights for our customers and their passengers around the world. In that light, we have made changes to our customer experience to benefit those we serve:

  • Incentive Programs & Discounts: We are actively working to provide budget-friendly pricing and collaborate externally with engine OEMs and suppliers to develop maintenance solution estimates you can depend on. Contact your Regional Engine Manager to learn more about the solutions we offer.


  • Protection Against COVID-19: Our Field Service and Shop staff are all required to wear proper PPE when in contact with your aircraft assets. To further mitigate any spread of COVID-19, we also recommend keeping contact with our staff whether in your hangar or at our shops to a minimum and minding all social distancing measures.


  • New Technical Support Procedures: Ask our team about how we can support you through virtual engagement methods.

Change is inevitable, but we are committed to ensuring that change is advantageous for our customers and pushes us as an organization to be better than we were yesterday. Further, we ask that you provide us with your candid feedback on your experience with our team to highlight our areas needing focus, so that we may provide you with the high level of quality support we aim for each day.

We look forward to continuing our mission to be the preferred service provider powering your engines. Moreover, know that we are incredibly grateful for our customer’s role in working with  us for the last eight decades.

Thank you.


Mark Stubbs

Chief Commercial Officer

Global Engine Services

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