Dallas Airmotive was founded by Edwin Booth in 1932 as Piston Engine Overhaul Company and in 2017, we celebrated our 85th Anniversary. In those 80+ years, Dallas Airmotive has seen many changes, but as a testament to the quality of our service and company culture, we are still providing exceptional aircraft engine support.

Our first office, located at Dallas Love field airport, is a great reminder of our growth over the past 80 years. Since we have moved into our new facility at DFW Airport, we are proud to continue to provide world class repair, overhaul, and test services to our customers.

Building eight decades of engine expertise


1932 Edwin Booth founds Piston Engine Overhaul Company, now Dallas Airmotive, at Dallas Love Field, Texas.

1946 Dallas Airmotive begins Pratt & Whitney engine repair on R985, R1830 and R2000 radial engines. H+S Aviation (sister company to Dallas Airmotive) founded in Portsmouth, UK.

1950 Piston Engine Overhaul Company becomes Dallas Aimotive. Enters the jet age with wins of Pratt & Whitney Canada engine repair contracts for several military jet engines.

1957 Dallas Airmotive becomes the first independent repair and overhaul company to receive FAA certification for turbine engine repair services.

1959 Dallas Airmotive receives its first OEM authorizations for repair: Pratt & Whitney JT3 jet engine, Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop engine and Rolls-Royce Spey turbojet engine.





1960 Dallas Airmotive receives OEM authorization for General Electric CF700 engine repair.

1964 Dallas Airmotive is the first independent company to receive OEM authorization to repair Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A series turboprop engines and for Allison Engine Company A250 (now Rolls-Royce M250®) turboshaft engines.

1969 Dallas Airmotive begins repair and overhaul on Pratt & Whitney Canada JT12 engines.

1974 Dallas Airmotive receives OEM authorization for Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D turbofan repair.

1984 Dallas Airmotive receives OEM authorization for Pratt & Whitney PW100 overhaul and repair.

1985 Dallas Airmotive receives authorization for Rolls-Royce Tay turbofan overhaul and midlife repair.





1991 Dallas Airmotive receives authorization as a Honeywell TPE331 engine overhaul and major service center.

1997 BBA Group plc acquires Dallas Airmotive.

1998 BBA Group acquires H+S Aviation and Airwork Corporation; combines Airwork with Dallas Airmotive. Dallas Airmotive wins authorization as a major turbine repair services center for Honeywell TFE731 engines and from Pratt & Whitney Canada as a turbine overhaul facility for the PW100 turboshaft.

2000 Dallas Airmotive acquires Gulfstream Engine Services (Dallas) and its authorizations for Honeywell engines/APUs and Hamilton Sundstrand APUs.

2003 BBA Group acquires Premier Turbines to add Honeywell TFE731 Heavy / Overhaul Maintenance authorization including Core Zone Inspection (CZI) capability to its turbine engine services portfolio.





2007 Dallas Airmotive celebrates 75 years of service.

2009 Dallas Airmotive opens a new Regional Turbine Center (RTC) for engine repair in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Dallas Airmotive receives authorization from Honeywell for service on the HTF7000 turbofan and RE100 auxiliary power unit.

2012 Dallas Airmotive opens a Regional Turbine Center (RTC) in Singapore to service the Asia Pacific region. The company adds line service for the Rolls-Royce BR710 and upgrades its Honeywell HTF7000 services to minor level maintenance.

2013 Both Premier Turbines and H+S Aviation are selected by Rolls-Royce as Authorized Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centers (AMROC) for the RR300 turboshaft engine. Dallas Airmotive receives line authorization on Honeywell RE220 auxiliary power unit.

2014 Dallas Airmotive receives authorization from Pratt & Whitney Canada for PW200 and PW210 turboshaft engines for repair and overhaul. The company is now authorized to service two-thirds of the engines used in the world helicopter fleet.





2015 Dallas Airmotive completes record 10,000 field service event.

2016 Dallas Airmotive consolidates existing facilities into single engine MRO and test center at DFW International Airport.