Meet our Team

For over 80 years, the Dallas Airmotive team has been committed to providing maintenance, repair and overhaul services for small gas turbine and turbofan engines used in business aviation. Each member of the team has a single mission; to provide technical solutions and perform the necessary, preventative engine MRO services that help ensure safe flights for our customers and their passengers everywhere.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

The management and employees of BBA Aviation acknowledge our responsibility to conduct the affairs of our business in a thoughtful and responsible manner, taking into full account the ways in which we impact our workforce, their families, the local and business community and the environment. To that end, we embrace the following guiding principles of business conduct.

To treat all employees fairly, equitably and with respect

To observe basic human rights

To be a responsible neighbour in the community

To protect the environment for future generations

Dallas Airmotive acknowledges and agrees to abide by the policies and procedures issued by BBA Aviation plc in support of these principles, including policies addressing Equal Opportunities and Anti-Harassment; Human Rights; Health, Safety and Environmental Management; Corporate Social Responsibility and Code of Business Ethics; and Competition Law Compliance.

We recognize that Corporate Social Responsibility is a work in progress that requires continuous effort and encouragement across our workforce. To ensure that

these guiding principles are being actively pursued, management monitors performance on a regular basis and encourages all employees to take a personal role in supporting these principles as an integral part of their employment obligations and decision-making processes.

We measure successful job performance in part by evaluating each employee’s commitment to these principles on a regular basis and annually report our progress to BBA Aviation plc senior management.

The Global Engine Services Leadership Team

President & COO

Hugh McElroy

Chief Commercial Officer

Mark Stubbs

Chief Financial Officer

Wael Saeed

Sr. VP of Operations

Bill Bonder

VP of Human Resources

David Daniel

VP of Strategy & Business Development

Debbie Wells

VP of Supply Chain

Alton Johnson

General Counsel

David Wheeler