Attention PW100 Operators:

Feb 5, 2019, 16:27 PM by Kalyn Kvapil
Extend the Life of Your Engine with 3 Tips

At Dallas Airmotive, we know that your aircraft is an investment and keeping it running properly is top priority. Our team wants to help you maintain your PW100 engine properly, so it will last as long as possible with the fewest repairs. Here are three easy tips from our engine experts to extend the life of your PW100 engine.

Cool it: Your engine generates tremendous amounts of heat. By allowing your engine to run at idle for two minutes, prior to shut down, the temperature will cool and stabilize. This is imperative because your engine is made with metal alloys that expand and contract at different rates. Without allowing for cool down, rub can begin on your HP Turbine or LP Turbine which can degrade performance, raise inter-turbine temperature and lead to greater costs when a hot section inspection (HSI), repair or overhaul is required.

Careful with Reverse: Using reverse raises the temperature within the engine, while also increasing the risk of ingesting debris into your engine. Both might cause wear and tear and increase your next maintenance bill. Ingesting debris into your PW100 engine will lead to erosion and/or clog air passages required for HP Vane and HP Turbine Blade cooling. Larger debris, or foreign object damage (FOD), can force you to blend your LP impeller in-situ or the damage could be substantial enough where your engine requires removal for repair of FOD.

Keep yourself Covered: When you park your aircraft, make sure you cover the inlets and exhausts. This limits the amount of dust, dirt and debris entering your engine. Remember dust, dirt and debris can cause damage to your LP Impeller and the critical cooling passages in your engine which leads to a premature removal of your engine for maintenance. Premature removals create higher operating costs that hurt your maintenance budget.

For additional information on dealing with a harsh operating environment please refer to Pratt & Whitney Canada Service Information Letter (SIL#) PW100-172R3. Have questions or want advice on maintaining your PW100 engine? Contact your Dallas Airmotive Regional Engine Manager at for all the latest tips in operating your PW100 for peak performance and efficiency.


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