Aug 29, 2018, 09:21 AM by Kalyn Kvapil
Select TFE731 Engines Qualify for Maintenance Interval Extension

At Dallas Airmotive, we understand the importance of making sure your aircraft spends less time on the ground and more time in the air. Our engine experts often get questions from customers regarding inspection intervals and at what point does an engine really need to come into the shop. Interval extensions can be confusing due to the range of engine models they apply to, but they can also help to reduce costs in the long run. 

On August 2nd, Honeywell released Temporary Revision (TR) 5-17 which is applicable to most TFE731-20/40/50/60 engine models. The revision extends the Major Periodic Inspection (MPI) interval to 3500 hours and the Core Zone Inspection (CZI) interval to 7000 hours.

A logbook review with your Dallas Airmotive Regional Engine Manager at an authorized TFE731 service center can answer questions about your engine’s extended inspection intervals. However, in case you’re in a time-crunch, we’ve outlined how you can qualify for the extension by ensuring the service bulletin tasks below are completed:  

3500/7000-hour interval extension Service Bulletins:  

72-5150 Replace the Hoisting Bracket on the Fan Duct Set on Specific Identified Engines 

72-5168 Install Retention Brackets on Fan Bypass Duct 

A72-5185 Inspect/Replace specific identified High Pressure (HP) Turbine Rotor Discs 

72-A5240 Inspect or Replace Second Stage Low Pressure Turbine Rotor Assemblies with Suspect Blades Installed on TFE731-20, -40, -50, and -60 Series Engines 

72-A5242 Suspect Second Stage Low Pressure Turbine (LPT2) Blades on TFE731-20, -40, -50, and -60 Series Engines  

72-A5246 Eddy Current Inspect Second Stage Low Pressure Turbine Rotor Assemblies with Suspect Blades Installed on TFE731-20, -40, -50 and -60 Series Engines 

72-5251 Accomplish Eddy Current Inspection of Specific Second Stage Low Pressure Turbine (LPT2) Blades, PN 3075424, on TFE731-20, -40, -50, -60 Model Engines 

73-5102 Replace Fuel Pump part numbers 

73-5105 Install Fuel Pump part number, Motive Flow Pump part number, Tube Assembly part number, and Associated Hardware.  

A73-5110 Inspection of Secondary Fuel Line Manifold  

A73-5114 Inspect Fuel Pump to Fuel Heater/Oil Cooler Tube Assembly 

73-5130 Replace Specific Identified Fuel Control Assemblies Having a Suspect Overspeed and/or Manual Mode Solenoid Valve Installed 

73-5134 Install PCD Air to Fuel Control Unit Assembly 

73-5145 Replacement of Fuel Flow Meter Tube Assemblies with Improved Fuel Hose Assembly, and Fuel Tube Assembly 

76-5124 Install Improved PCD Air to Fuel Control Unit (P3) Metal Tube Assembly 

*We also recommend a review of the engine logbook to ensure the Life Limited Components have enough life remaining to make the next inspection.

As a Honeywell-authorized service provider, we’re proud to support the TFE731 engine series and have full capabilities to do so around the world. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your TFE731 needs scheduled maintenance or unscheduled repairs. We have you covered in the shop and onsite in your hangar through our global network and field service team.  

Have questions or need help understanding the details of your TFE731 inspection intervals? Contact your Dallas Airmotive Regional Engine Manager or chat with our experts to get the answers you need.   


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