Aug 14, 2019, 15:08 PM by Kalyn Kvapil
Select TFE731 Engines Eligible for Airworthiness Directive (AD) Compliance Extension


Attention TFE731 operators: on June 17th, 2019, Honeywell released a Service Information Letter (SIL) regarding TFE731 turbofan aircraft engines affected by Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2012-17-05, and specifically those with an October 2, 2020 compliance deadline. Need a refresher on AD 2012-17-05? Read our blog here.

We know there can be confusion about the requirements from SILs, which is why our engine experts want to ensure you know about what may affect your upcoming maintenance events.

The SIL references service bulletins (SBs) that provide an Alternate Method of Compliance (AMOC) with deadline extension dates for specific TFE731 low pressure turbine (LPT) stage 1 assemblies. For some operators not already in compliance with the required service bulletins, maintenance deadlines were pushed out up to 8 years depending on your aircraft type. Keep reading to find out your new compliance deadline…


Honeywell Service Bulletin 72-3737

Engines in Compliance with Service Bulletin (SB) TFE731-72-3737 have an "eligible configuration" for the continued service as referenced in revision 2 of this service bulletin. The AMOC referenced in this service bulletin satisfies the requirements of AD 2012-17-05.


Falcon 20-5 operators, are you in compliance with SB 72-3737?

If not, SB 72-3769 revision 2 extends the compliance deadline of AD 2012-17-05 to October 2nd, 2024 for engines installed on Falcon 20 aircraft. Make sure to contact your Dallas Airmotive Regional Engine Manager to discuss options available for your Falcon 20.  We can help schedule your maintenance prior to October 2, 2024 and order parts ahead of the event, to ensure you’re back in the air and in compliance with the AD in no time.


Falcon 50-4, Falcon 900/900B/900C, Cessna Citation VII, Hawker 750, Hawker 800/800XP, Hawker 850XP aircraft. Are you in compliance with SB 72-3737?

If not, Honeywell SB 72-3768 revision 3 provides an AMOC to extend the AD deadline to October 2nd, 2028.



Check your LPT1 rotor assembly life limit card found in your engine log book. If the assembly part number is 7008002X-X, the engine is in compliance with AD 2012-17-05. If your engine has a different part number installed, check the back of the log card for SBs 72-3737. If this SB has not been complied with, contact a Dallas Airmotive expert to learn about how to comply with the AD and the benefits of scheduling service early to minimize the impact of downtime to your flight operations.

As a Honeywell channel partner and authorized service provider, we’re proud to support the TFE731 engine series and have full capabilities to perform heavy maintenance, repair and field service for operators around the world. Dallas Airmotive has you covered in the shop and onsite in your hangar through our global MRO network and F1RST SUPPORT field service team.



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