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Dallas Airmotive Named Honeywell’s 2018 Americas Channel Partner of the Year

Dallas Airmotive Recognized for “Outstanding Behaviors” and Innovative Support

April 9, 2019

Dallas, TX – Dallas Airmotive, a BBA Aviation’s Global Engine Services company, is the recipient of Honeywell Aerospace’s 2018 Americas Channel Partner of the Year award, recently announced by Honeywell on March 26. Honeywell’s annual channel partner awards recognize select companies chosen for their unique market reach, commitment to growth, strong track record of performance, integrity and compliance.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award from Honeywell in recognition of our outstanding working relationship that began over 38 years ago,” Hugh McElroy, president and COO of Global Engine Services, said.

“Our Honeywell program team is committed to fulfilling our customers’ requirements through the development of innovative solutions and collaboration with OEMs, with the goal to always exceed customer expectations.”

According to Honeywell’s recent announcement, “Dallas Airmotive exemplified outstanding behaviors of a Channel Partner in 2018. Dallas Airmotive has been in the forefront in working with Honeywell on its initiatives by being a growth champion as well as an innovator in the way we [Honeywell and Dallas Airmotive] do business in Aerospace.”

Dallas Airmotive was one of nine Honeywell Aerospace Channel Partners recognized for their commitment to promoting the OEM’s services, products and technologies. The company supports the heavy maintenance and repair of Honeywell’s TFE731 engine and 36 Series APU as well as light maintenance and field support for the HTF7000 engine.

“Our team is the fundamental force behind our success in serving our customers, our affiliates and our stakeholders,” McElroy said. “We take pride in delivering exceptional performance to continuously achieve excellence.”

To find out more information about Dallas Airmotive’s support of Honeywell engines and APUs, or to speak with a representative, please contact us.


About BBA Aviation’s Global Engine Services

Dallas Airmotive and H+S Aviation deliver OEM-authorized turbine engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services and support to the aviation industry backed by more than 80 years of experience. The companies have established a Global Engine Services (GES) network that provides comprehensive services for engines powering 80% of the world’s business and general aviation (B&GA) aircraft and 55% of rotorcraft fleets.

The GES network includes engine MRO centers in Dallas, TX and Portsmouth, UK, as well as 10 regional turbine centers around the world. Additionally, the F1RST SUPPORT field service organization provides rapid response and high capability on-site repair and inspection services. The Global Engine Services network also includes two companies, International Turbine Service (ITS) and Barrett Turbine Engine Company (BTEC), that specialize in turbine engine and parts sales, as well as an accessory repair and overhaul company, International Governor Services (IGS). For more information, please visit HSaviation.co.uk, DallasAirmotive.com, InternationalTurbineService.com, BarrettTurbineEngine.com or InternationalGovernor.com.

Information on BBA Aviation plc

BBA Aviation plc is a market leading, global aviation support and aftermarket services provider, primarily focused on servicing the Business and General Aviation (B&GA) market. We support our customers through three principal businesses: Signature Flight Support, Ontic and Global Engine Services/Engine Repair and Overhaul (GES/ERO).

Signature Flight Support also includes Signature TECHNICAirTM and EPIC and provides premium, full service flight and home base support including refueling, ground handling and MRO services through the world’s largest fixed base operation (FBO) network for B&GA users with around 200 locations covering key destinations in North America, Europe, South America, Caribbean, Africa and Asia. EPIC is a provider of aviation fuels, supplies and services.

Ontic is a leading provider of high-quality equipment and cost-effective solutions for the continuing support of maturing and legacy aerospace platforms with locations in the USA, Europe and Asia. ERO/GES is a leading independent engine service provider to global B&GA operators, the rotorcraft market and regional airline fleets with locations in the USA, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

For more information, please visit www.bbaaviation.com.