Jun 6, 2019, 16:14 PM by Kalyn Kvapil
Bombardier Challenger 300/350, Gulfstream G280, Embraer Legacy 450/500 Aircraft Engines Need Z-Gap Inspections and Possible Repair

Bombardier Challenger 300/350, Gulfstream G280, and Embraer Legacy 450/500 operators – Have you reached 4,000-4,200 hours since your last borescope inspection of your HTF7000 (AS907-1-1A, AS907-2-1A, AS907-2-1G, AS907-3-1E) engines? If so, an inspection may be required to determine if your engines’ LPT2 rotor blades are exhibiting wear at the blade tip Z-Gap section. Our Dallas Airmotive HTF7000 engine experts outlined what you need to know to remedy this (if you haven’t already) and how we can help below.

HTF700 AlertHoneywell released Service Bulletin (SB) AS907-72-9067 in January 2017 that instructs operators to review the Z-Gap in HTF7000 engines onboard select aircraft. The SB indicates that, there is a possibility on high-time engines that the LPT2 rotor blades are separating, which leads to vibration and potential damage to that section of the engine.

To prevent any damage to the engine, Honeywell has instructed operators to review the Z-Gap once the engine exceeds 4,000-4,200* hours. If the blades pass the inspection, they remain in service until the next scheduled inspection. However, if the blades do not pass inspection, Honeywell’s Special Pricing Notice, SPN #02, will honor special pricing for the blades if replacements for the repair are needed.

How Dallas Airmotive’s Quick-Turn Support Gets You Back to the Skies Safely

If your engines reach the 4,000-4,200* hour limit, we recommend coordinating an inspection with our HTF7000 engine expert, Thaddeus Wright, to remain in compliance with OEM standards. Thaddeus will advise your inspection event needs and dispatch our F1RST SUPPORT field service representatives to perform the inspection on-wing. If our inspection indicates the blades require replacement, our team’s quick-turn support can have you back in the air in five to seven days**.

For engines that may need repair, if they hold Honeywell MSP status, this event is covered by the program. However, if your engines are not covered by Honeywell MSP, we’ll offer the inspection and repair at a special low cost, and don’t forget – with a turn time of a week, you’ll likely not need a rental engine either. Win – win!

As a leading, independently operated, Honeywell-approved Channel Partner for HTF7000 turbofan engine maintenance, Dallas Airmotive is dedicated to providing the highest level of support to ensure the top safety and reliability performance of your engine. Our engine experts understand the importance of complying with OEM and air agency-recommended engine bulletins and always encourage aircraft owners and operators to comply with directives.

Need help understanding the details of this SB or have other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our HTF7000 engine expert, Thaddeus Wright, and we’ll share our engine expertise, maintenance tips, or help you with unscheduled repairs and other engine MRO requirements.

*See Honeywell Service Information Letter (SIL) released on May 20 for details on the latest maintenance interval extension for AS907-1-1A and AS907-2-1A engine models.

**Mentioned turn-around-time is for US-based aircraft operators only.


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