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2012 Marks 80th Anniversary for Dallas Airmotive

Innovation and Customer Focus Fuel Continued Growth

Orlando, Florida…October 29, 2012… Dallas Airmotive, a BBA Aviation Engine Repair and Overhaul (ERO) company, celebrates its 80th year of service to aircraft operators during 2012. Founded as an engine service company in 1932, Dallas Airmotive continues to specialize in engine repair and overhaul.

“The origi nal Piston Engine Overhaul Company was located at Dallas Love Field, and true to its name was focused strictly on engine repair and overhaul,” commented Hugh McElroy, President of BBA Aviation Engine Repair and Overhaul Group. “ While today the engines are turbines instead of pistons, the focus has not changed – we are an engine company.”

“Not many companies can survive 80 years, much less prosper as we  have,” continued McElroy. “ We continue to grow through  expansion into new markets, and adding innovative services and authorizations. This year is a perfect example by the establishment of our Singapore facility, the addition of sales and service people around the globe, the success of our First Support network, and new OEM approvals to serv ice the Honeywell HTF7000, Rolls- Royce BR710 and Pratt & Whitney Canada PW500 engine series.”

“ We have seen a number of name changes over the years,” stated McElroy, “ but under the banner of the BBA Aviation Engine Repair and Overhaul Group of companies,  that includes Dallas Airmotive, the collective experience of our employees and our drive to continually improve has led us to become a recognized world leader.”

Dallas Airmotive operates two major overhaul facilities in Texas in the Dallas- Fort Worth metropolitan area and thirteen Regional Turbine Centers – ten in the U.S., and one each  in Brazil, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

“We have long standing relationships with the engine OEMs we support,” commented McElroy. “ Many of them span over 40 years and our relationships have never been stronger. We’ve proven ourselves to be trusted partners over time and supportive of the total operator experience involving engine overhaul and service for the betterment of the entire industry.”

Dallas Airmotive is OEM- authorized for Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A/T, JT15D, P W100, PW300, PW500; Rolls- Royce Spey, Tay, BR710; Honeywell TFE731, HTF7000, CFE738, ALF502L engines, Honeywell Model 36, and RE100/RE220 series APUs.

“We see a bright future for business aviation around the globe,” said McElroy, “and we plan to be wherever business aircraft operators need us.”

Dallas Airmotive is exhibiting during NBAA 2012 at BBA Aviation’s Booth #3100.